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Understanding and Obtaining High Risk Car Insurance in Burlington, Ontario

There are several ways that you can become a "high risk" driver to various insurance companies. Usually, you will know that you're a high risk driver. In some other cases, you may not know it until you apply for car insurance and receive an exceptionally expensive quote.

How Do You Become "High Risk"

There are many ways to receive the high risk designation. These things can vary between insurance companies, but in most cases, if you're high risk to one group, you're likely high risk to another. Generally, the things that can lead to you becoming a high risk driver can include:

  • A series of at-fault accidents
  • Receiving many tickets in a short time span
  • Serious criminal convictions
  • Not paying your previous insurance carrier
  • Having a sickness that can adversely affect your driving
  • DUIs

Any one or a combination of these things can turn you into a high-risk driver. That title will make it extremely difficult for you to obtain standard insurance. Of course, you cannot drive without insurance, so you have to figure out what your options are. In most cases, you will have to search specifically for high risk insurance.

What is High Risk Insurance

High risk insurance is any auto insurance policy specifically for those drivers in the high risk category. They're set up with high risk in mind, rather than representing regular policies at obscene costs.

High risk insurance is a kind of speciality insurance. It's offered by many singular insurance companies and brokers. High risk insurance is usually more expensive than standard insurance, but when it's speciality coverage, it's possible to save money.

For example, when someone is a high risk driver, they can still sometimes receive standard coverage, but it will cost an astronomical amount of money. By contrast, when a high risk driver specifically applies for high risk coverage, it will cost a little less since that high risk coverage is spread among many high risk drivers.

How do You Obtain High Risk Insurance

Obtaining high risk insurance works much like obtaining standard insurance. You find insurance carriers, you seek quotes, and you choose which one works best for you. Generally speaking, there are three main ways to find high risk insurance.

Apply for standard insurance - Just by going through the process of looking for standard insurance and gathering quotes, you can come across high risk insurance priced right for your needs.

Remember that many insurance companies will still offer insurance to high risk individuals; they just do so at a far higher premium. So if you go through the process of gathering quotes, there's a chance you will come across a quote that works for you.

Search for high risk insurance - You can also go straight into looking for high risk policies specifically. Many insurance companies carry high-risk policies, and there are those that deal only with high risk drivers. The same rules would still apply. Either through brokers or insurance companies, you will have to gather as many high risk providers that you can find and then gather quotes.

Speak to a high risk insurance broker - You can cut out the intermediary and speak directly to an insurance broker that specialises in high risk insurance. One of the best things about a broker is that he or she can do the searching on your behalf.

They will have ties to insurance companies that deal with high risk drivers. Therefore, they will be able to help you find high risk insurance that works well for you without you having to do all the legwork.

How do You Remove Your High Risk Status

Once you do find the high risk policy that's right for you, it's time to start the process of removing that high risk driver status. Becoming a low risk driver is actually a relatively simple process.

All a driver would need to do is avoid the habits that made them high risk to begin with. And the best way to do that is simply by becoming a responsible driver.

  • Pay your insurance on time
  • Drive safely and carefully
  • Avoid any activities that can lead to a ticket
  • Do not drink and drive
  • Obey all rules of the road
  • Wait for your demerit points to drop
  • Wait for your tickets to drop from record

Basically, as long as you drive carefully and responsibly, you can eventually have that high-risk status dropped. Don't add any new risky behaviours or issues and you will find yourself paying less for insurance as time goes by.

High Risk Car Insurance Brokers in Burlington

As stated, there are many high risk car insurance services out there. A great way to obtain high risk insurance is through the services of a professional insurance broker. To help you get started finding high risk car insurance brokers in Burlington, here are a few Burlington specific brokers.

These are just some of the insurance brokers with offices in Burlington that specialise in high risk car insurance. There are many more services out there, as well as other insurance brokers that may not specifically deal with high risk insurance but may have options.

If you are one of the many drivers out there considered "high risk," then don't worry. You do have options and you can eventually lose your high risk status. It all starts with choosing the right high risk auto insurance.